Mid Life Rocker

Today has been a good day! Blogging has definitely been a step in the right direction for me as I think I needed a channel to just talk about how I’m feeling and share my experiences and feel a bit more normal again.

I have decided that the key to embracing my middle years is to keep occupied. Now my job occupies a lot of time. I’m a sales and marketing director for a big company and I bloody love my job but I had to move away from just coming in, putting on my owl pyjamas and mid life dressing gown and lying on the sofa in sheer menopausal exhaustion so I’ve done a few things.

  1. I’ve started baking. This is bad as I’ve also started eating my cakes and expanding (whilst blaming menopause)
  2. I’ve stopped drinking – 29 days ago to be exact after reading some random book (sober mummy I think it was). I’ve not decided whether to become teetotal but I’m enjoying it for now except I’m eating more baked goods (see item 1). The advantage of not drinking is I’ve already done, wrapped and sent my Christmas cards and presents.
  3. I’ve starting playing the guitar (much easier when sober). Tonight I played Ed Sheerans “Perfect” to my cat Bagpuss who tried to open my wardrobe door and hide inside!

Distraction therapy!

Time for a hot chocolate and a mince pie.

Night all.

Liz x

6 thoughts on “Mid Life Rocker

  1. Yay to the guitar (and not drinking) The cake looks magnificent and I’d ask for a massive slice, but I can’t eat choclate anymore as it gives me palpitations *weep*. Good on you for embracing the meno! 🙂

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