A Sobering Christmas Do

Yesterday I did my first sober Christmas do! I’m not a reformed alcoholic (note to HR – I do not need support) but I just decided not to drink for a bit and I’m enjoying it plus it’s helping me deal with menopausal symptoms so that feels like a benefit.

The day started well. I had a lovely new outfit and managed to get my hair and makeup looking pretty good so I set off with a spring in my step – well as much as you can spring in six inch heels. I arrived and received lots of compliments on how well I looked etc and I lapped it all up with my Diet Coke in hand feeling smug and saintly in equal measures.

We sat down to eat and everything was going swimmingly (apart from a brief interlude when my eBay account got hacked and someone had set up a LOL doll shop in my name). I don’t need to drink I thought – I’m confident and fun! Alcohol is in the past.

I danced until my feet were sore, soaking up the compliments, embracing my inner strictly and singing along (and high kicking to New York New York with everyone else). What a fantastic party. I kept my husband up to date via text with the gossip, took lots of pictures and even tended to the office drunks – ensuring they were safe and had escorts home.

We headed off into town to hit the bars and this is where the evening changed for me. Merry people are fun, drunk people are irritating. Packed like sardines in a trendy bar, feet stinging and starting to feel hot flushes (of annoyance) I realised it was time to depart. I headed off home to cries of “don’t leave”, “get a taxi” – but my mid life pyjamas were calling me.

Once home and in said pyjamas I couldn’t help but think I might be missing out and, to be honest, I felt a bit old but I guess the rewards are here this morning with a clear head and no chance of an embarrassing picture popping up on Facebook.

I did it anyway and it felt like a milestone so I feel proud of myself but maybe a teeny bit boring. I will be glad when it’s dry January and the party season is over.

2 thoughts on “A Sobering Christmas Do

  1. Well done for resisting temptation. It’s an odd thing combining menopause symptoms with ageing. It’s hard to deal with sort of becoming invisible as a woman. I feel so boring. I think i am boring now.

    Still if the beige army actually unite we would be a formidable opponent!!
    Good luck with a booze free Christmas Liz.
    Merry Christmas xx

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