When Did I Become So Boring?

A friend told me the other day that I was boring. To be fair he was drunk and I was sober (and he has apologised since) but it did hurt and I found myself wondering if I had really become dull because I’ve stopped drinking.

I don’t know about you but when you don’t drink life tends to be a bit less like a rollercoaster and more of a gentle, undulating ride. You lose the extreme highs and desperate lows and, to be honest, I’m ok with that! I think what I’m not ok with is that I seem to be slowly slipping into a cocoon and, when I’m not working, for want of a better word – vegetating.

Tonight I started crocheting- I mean what the hell has happened to me. I got a heady buzz from mastering a chain stitch.

I know that life adopts a slower pace as we get older but at this rate I’ll have knitted myself into a corner by the time I’m 51 and I’ll be wearing one of those foot warmers that plug in!

But….and it’s a big but – if I’m content then does it really matter? I don’t have anything to prove – perhaps a few months of hibernation will do me good!

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