Go Natural He Said

My Hubby is a diamond. He really is unique – he’s handsome (and I’m not the only one who says that), he’s talented and kind and most of all he’s very funny. Over 25+ years he has given me lots of belly laughs and it’s this that keeps me going and probably keeps me sane.

There is a flip side to all these compliments however. He doesn’t understand why women bother so much with their appearances and in his eyes natural is the way forward. Because of this I’m not sure he realised what impact he would have on me last night when he glanced across at me, resplendent in my mid life dressing gown and owl pyjamas, and lovingly said “did you know you are receding”. My response was pretty unprintable then I spent the next hour peering at my Ant McPartlin forehead and googling caffeine shampoos for over fifties. “But you are beautiful inside” he dared to utter! Cheers 🥂

Now I know I’ve turned fifty and my ageing blog is a bit tongue in cheek and yes I know everyone says looks aren’t important but in a world of such intense scrutiny and judgement I shall continue to follow the shallow path of vanity and continue slapping on my age defying serum – oh and perhaps invest in a headband!

Happy Wednesday everyone x

One thought on “Go Natural He Said

  1. My wife came home the other night and gave me Christmas gifts. One was a small glass bottle of men’s “anti-wrinkle” oil and she instructed me on how to use it. I looked on the mirror and realized i had this horror stricken look on my face that said, “OMG! Do I really need facial oils?” I raise my glass to pursuit of a little vanity!

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