A Sobering Affair

My son has a new girlfriend. This in itself is good news as the last one brought with her a whole pile of problems so I’m glad that new said girlfriend seems normal – although I’ve yet to meet her. “What will girlfriend be doing today”? I said when he arrived Christmas morning (I won’t give her a name in case she follows my Twitter account and thinks I’m a bit nuts). “Oh she loves Christmas” he muttered into his coffee “they have stockings, sing songs together and bake on Christmas morning – I told her we always end up in a drama and someone has a row”.

I’m not being nominated for family Christmas of the year this year then?

To be fair our Christmases do tend to follow a pattern and yesterday wasn’t an exception to the rule. It all started off quite well. We aren’t drinking so no hangovers then some nice relaxing present giving before I cooked lunch and we headed off to my ailing parents with said lunch in tow. Deciding to give them a call to make sure they put the oven on before we left (to give my roasties a final blast) was the first nail in the coffin. “Just turn round if you are nearer yours than ours” Mum said “you’ve done your bit”. Second nail was me repeating conversation to hubbie who (through gritted teeth) told me that this was all a waste of time and I’d planned it badly. The third nail was me lambasting hubbie in the car while the scent of roasted turkey wafted around us. Son sat with his earphones in (probably listening to some screaming hard rock to remind him of the gift of Christmas). Halfway there I knew hubbie was sulking as he wasn’t singing to his newly purchased Paul Heaton CD so I tried to make amends. He stiffly stared ahead and only broke out into a strained rendition of “perfect10” hours later when he had had a slug of brandy cream.

It all turned out ok in the end though. Mum and Dad enjoyed the visit and son amused himself going up and down stairs on the stair lift. The microwaved sprouts nearly brought on a medical emergency when Mum failed to penetrate hers with a chain saw but despite the stress and drama they appreciated the effort and it was the right thing to do. It might not have been baking and carols but it was family time and that’s all that really matters.

Back home I cracked open the hot chocolate and settled down to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and a drama about Torvill and Dean and concluded another typical and soothingly familiar Christmas Day.

Maybe next year I’ll do stockings and baking – but I doubt it!!

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